IMB Engineering Department can offer a broad spectrum of services. Personnel offering engineering services are well educated and trained with the appropriate skills and experience. Their job is supported by the necessary infrastructure both hardware and software.

Design Appraisal & Plan Review

Skilled Engineers performs design appraisal and plans reviews for the purpose of classification, construction and alteration of ships and other marine related structures, verifying compliance with the Rules and Regulations. This includes Hull, Machinery and Equipment of ships as required by the Rules.

Ship Engineering

Supporting the ship appraisal and plan review, ship engineering covers all aspects.

Plan appraisal, engineering reviews and technical calculations includes:

Structural related:

  • Scantling computations;
  • Steel renewal computations;
  • Rule based calculations;
  • Loading manual;
  • Equipment Number computation;
  • Assignments of Freeboards & Tonnage measurements

Statutory Manuals

  • Intact and Damage stability booklets
  • Ballast Water Management Plan
  • Ship-to-Ship Operational Manual (STS)
  • Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan ( SOPEP)
  • Shipboard Marine Pollution Emergency Plan (SMEP)
  • Grain Loading appraisals
  • Cargo Securing Manual.
  • Emergency Towing Booklet (ETA Manual).
  • Procedures & Arrangements Manual.
  • Vapor Emission Control System (VECS) Manual.
  • Garbage Management Manual
  • SEEMP Manual I, II and III
  • Fire Safety Operational &  Management Plan

Ship Plans

  • Fire Control & Life Saving Plan.
  • Life Saving Appliances Plan.
  • Navigation Bridge Visibility Plan.
  • Accommodation Plans.
  • Sewage Pollution Prevention Plans.
  • Load line Plan.

Computations for:

  • Towage computation
  • Cargo Securing Arrangements

Approval letters or documents of compliance are issued after successful review of each manual or plan.