Ship Classification

Classification Overview

Classification is carried out according to the principles verified by international practice and consists of the execution of technical requirements known as Rules & Guides.

IMB confirms compliance with the Rules & Guides through a regular survey scheme carried out to ships and other marine related structures and issues the appropriate Certificate of Class and enters the ship into the Register of Ships.

Product & Services

Classification of ships’ related services include:

  • Surveys of ship’s hull
  • Surveys of machinery & electrical plants
  • Surveys of refrigerated cargo installations
  • Surveys of class notations in accordance with the class notations publication of IMB.
  • Approval of service suppliers such as Radio Surveyors, Thickness Gauging Firms, NDT Firms, In-water Diving Firms, etc.

IMB Classification covers the following:

  • Sea-going vessels
  • Inland vessels
  • Floating docks

Class Notations

All ships admitted to IMB are assigned with class notation consisting of a main character of class, service area restriction notations and main ship type notations in accordance with IMB Rules for Classification of Ships, Volume 1 – Class Notations.

Assignment of class, classification characters and notations, which denote the degree of confidence that the ship deserves, are assigned following the satisfactory completion of surveys carried out by the society’s surveyors and the completion of verification of compliance with IMB rules.

IMB class notation includes the following:

  • Characters of Classification for survey and supervision of construction.
  • Character of Classification for the hull structures.
  • Character of Classification for the machinery installation.
  • Character of Classification for subdivision and damage stability.
  • Notations for Service restrictions.
  • Common notation symbols.
  • Main Ship Types symbols.